From an eMail received upon invitation of all EHRLCIH I visitors

Thank you for your invitation that is an honor to receive. I have a great and fond
memory of my participation in EHRLICH I in 2004 that is the greatest, most
meaningful and once life-time scientific conference that I have ever attended.

And in 2004 we appreciated this comment the most

“…this was a humane conference…”

And this is exactly what we will attempt this time too:

Global meeting,
Great science,
Friendly and good mood participants
Fascinating details on medicine and pharmacy history
and an unforgettable
100th Anniversary celebration party
of the Nobel Prize awarded to Paul Ehrlich
The scientifically stimulating and humane atmosphere at EHRLICH I
that made it so unforgettable


Important scientists participating

A truly global meetingin a well designed and specially decorated conference center

Full lecture halls

A truly global meeting
Participants from 84 countries
The 150th birthday celebration for Paul Ehrlich

The Conference Logo shows the three major steps to Ehrlich's magic bullets:
Methylene blue to fight malaria (1891),
trypan red against trypanosomes (1904),
yellow, the color of "Compound 606"
(Salvarsan) the first antibiotic and truly Ehrlich's MAGIC BULLET (1910), against syphilis.


The Paul-Ehrlich-Exhibition

The musical „Magic Bullets“ and the dilemma of clinical research

Magic Bullets
This musical has been exclusively written for the "Ehrlich 150th Birthday Celebration Party" and uses the wonderful music of Britain's pop-group QUEEN. It will be replayed at EHRLICH II.
It is based on the fairy tale by the German Grimm Brothers called "Ghost in the bottle" that has been presented at the Nobel - Prize Dinner in Stockholm for Alexander Fleming in 1945. It is also based in an important scene in Germany's first romantic opera " Der Freischütz" ( "The marksman"; Composer: Carl Maria von Weber) where "Magic Bullets" were made in the "Wolfsschlucht" ( Wolf's glen ). But we don't say more at this time except maybe that each participant will receive a gift directly from Ehrlich´s laboratory of 1915, never given before and probably never given after. So each scientific conference will leave Nurnberg with his or her own "Magic Bullet".

Theater play „I wished I lived today“ – The typical Ehrlich

"I wished I lived today"
Theatre play written exclusively for the "World and Ehrlich Conference 2004 (now EHRLICH I)" and will be replayed at EHRLCH II. It is based on the two books of Ehrlich's secretary and other historic documents. You will learn a lot about an ingenious scientist, marvelous character, warm and caring father and husband and an occasionally
tough fighter for the truth in science.

The piece was replayed in special versions on August 20th, 2005, the 90th return of the day of death of Paul Ehrlich and on September 2nd, 2006 on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the foundation of the Georg-Speyer-Haus (one of the two institutes that Ehrlich founded in Frankfurt/Main and where Ehrlich discovered and developed Salvarsan®).